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Wind Farm Scam.


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I actually had to check that what I heard yesterday was not pure fiction – but sadly it seems to be true.

There are reports that the wind farm industry is corrupt to the core. This report from The Spectator would rather confirm that.




“Under the government’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme, which aims to make renewable energies competitive with fossil fuels, the size of a turbine is measured not by height but by power output. If a turbine pumps out more than 500kW, its owners receive 9.5p per kilowatt hour. But a ‘smaller’ sub-500kW one receives a subsidy of 17.5p per kilowatt hour, supposedly to compensate for its lower efficiency. The idea is to lure smaller wind-power producers into the market.


Problem is, while smaller turbines are more popular with the public, those designs don’t produce anything like the 500kW needed to take full advantage of the subsidy. So instead, investors are buying big, powerful turbines and downgrading them, tweaking their components to churn out no more than the magic 500kW. It’s simply far more lucrative to hobble bigger turbines — machines that ought to be capable of producing almost twice as much electricity.”




Full article at:-




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Why single out wind power as corrupt Clive when pretty much the whole of government and industry does everything within it's power starting with economy of truthfulness, through deviousness and on to downright lying and destroying the evidence to serve its own interest and the pockets of the few.


On that basis this report comes as no surprise whatsoever and I don't doubt similar scams apply to solar output too and are just waiting for someone careless enough to leave evidence where it can be found.


The world of commerce and government is corruptly self serving itself whilst the rest of us pay for noses to be immersed in the trough without any fear of retribution.


I understand that the word 'integrity' is to be dropped from the next edition of the OED as it is no longer in use in the UK.

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Don't say that Tracker!!!!!!


Robin loves to use the "Integrity" word!


Rarely in the right place bless him - but he tries hard (lol) (lol) (lol)


(Please do not take it personally Robin!! Just having a larff ................!!)



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