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Which Stopovers Guide Review

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Which Camper-stop guide is best? We have used all the guides, depending on the country we were in, but have predominantly used Bord Atlas (BA). If you intend to spend all your time in Germany and Austria and can struggle through a bit of German this is the best guide. BA has clear addresses at the top with GPS coordinates; sometimes the instructions are better than the English instructions in CamperStop Europe (CS). Because CS is multi language, English, French, Italian and German it can be a little overwhelming at the start, but then a new book always takes time to get used to. Outside of Austria and Germany, CS is much better than BA that boasts 29 countries but only has 3400 listings, the 6200 over 14 countries in CS provide far more scope. The Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal and Greece guides are excellent, for these countries it is ‘the book’, as I do not know where else you can find this information. There are over 1590 entries for France, 1050 for Germany and 638 for Italy. BA has only 283 in France and 202 for Italy. As a guide for the average motorhomer it is excellent, providing valuable information on daytime parking, 189 discounted campsites, and loads of tourist information. Location maps in BA identify stopovers with dots whereas CS has a pictogram symbols for each type. In addition to the thousands of stops the tourist information is excellent, far better that anything I have ever worked out from BA. Unfortunately I do not have an up-to-date version of the French guide so I have not been able to compare. We will try and get hold of one to complete the review and will happily borrow one if anyone is willing. Email ask@go-motorhoming.co.uk Go Motorhoming Always something to say, always willing to listen
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