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Parking for Portsmouth ferry


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For this winter's escape to the sun we shall for the first time be travelling to Spain via Portsmouth - Santander ferry. Not having previously taken this route and never having been to Portsmouth I am looking for advice on where to park up in Portsmouth. The ferry leaves at 10.30PM and I intend to get there by 7-8pm. Would I be able to park up at the ferry terminal for 2-3 hours?



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You should have no trouble parking at the Portsmouth ferry terminal.


At 7pm-8pm the Britanny Ferries embarkation booth for the Santander crossing probably won't be manned yet, but there's likely to be an indication which booth will be in use. So you can get in the lane leading to the relevant booth (prior to 8pm, you may well be right at the head of the queue) and stay there until the booth becomes manned, when you can pass through to the lower parking area.


Alternatively, there is some space at the edges of the upper parking area where you can park until you feel like joining the embarkation queue.


If you GOOGLE-search on "google maps portsmouth george byng way" (omitting the quotes) you should get an overhead view of the parking areas with the booths in the centre of the resultant image. You can then increase the magnification to obtain a better picture.

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Hello John,


I have been to the Portsmouth ferry terminal many times and parked up for most of the day on occasions and i have had no trouble what so ever,thelast time being in september so i would say you would be fine parking up,even in the actual ferry boarding lanes

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We are meeting up with Australian friends for 48 hours right at the beginning of February before they take an early morning ferry from Portsmouth to Spain. We have suggested we meet at the Devizes C & CC site but ideally they would like a nearer site with walkable/public transportable places of interest nearby. That time of year must have hookup and hardstanding. Think the C&CC site at Chichester is closed and the CC site at Brighton too far . Any ideas?
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Mike88 - 2012-12-12 7:15 PM


People even spend the night there. When you return from Santander people park there from about

9.30am . You can then walk into the pleasant town as the port is literally in the town.


Britanny Ferries advice regarding parking at thier UK ports is given here.




10 years or so ago we used to park overnight on the edge of the upper parking area at Portsmouth's ferry-port after returning from France on a late-afternoon crossing, setting off for home very early the next morning.


Britanny Ferries nowadays say that after-midnight parking is permissible but, when I asked one of their staff (admittedly some time ago) whether I would be allowed to park on the car-park edges before midnight, I was told that this should be OK provided that I had mentioned to them at the time what I intended to do.


It should be noted (and there are signs at the parking area about this) that parked vehicles should not be left unattended.

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You might like to investigate this site a bit further.


J M Caravans Loveders Farm Campsite

365 Main Road

Southbourne Near Emsworth



West Sussex (Browse area)

PO10 8JH See Map Tel: 01243 372368

Pitches: 70

Open: March To January



Description Photos

Our site is a friendly family run site. We have been established for about twenty years.


Although we are only 5 minutes walk from the shops, a pub and 2 restaurants, the site is set back from the A259 and is very quiet and peaceful


We have a small cafe on the site and our breakfasts are very popular with the campers. We also sell milk, ice-creams and basic groceries as well as the odd things such as tin openers that always get forgotten. Bottled gas is also available on site.

Although we have no actual play area there is always plenty of room for children to play ball games etc. Dogs are welcome as well - as long as they are kept on leads.

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