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Christmas presents - best, worst and silliest

Mel B

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Okay, let’s all put a list of the BEST, WORST and SILLIEST presents we got this year - not that I'm ungrateful you understand! :D




BEST: shawl/pashmina from my elder brother & wife - nice and snuggly, and a box of chocolate Brazil nuts from hubby's parents! :->


WORST: my elder sister & partner gave me chocolate fingers which I love ... except dark chocolate ones ... guess which ones they are! 8o|


SILLIEST: a dog draught excluder from my Mum - really cute and will 'live' in the camper! :D





BEST: Gotta be the large case of Guinness from his parents! :-D


WORST: a shaving foam and gel set from his parents ... he only uses an electric shaver! *-)


SILLIEST: a "Best Christmas Decorations" book with lots of pictures of people's houses where they've gone mad with the outside decor from my elder brother & wife! :'(


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BEST - GIANT box of liquorice allsorts!!


WORST - Any Christmas card with a photo of someone else's child(ren) on it!!


SILLIEST - Nobody has been really silly this year - maybe next year - I live in hope?


MOST IRRITATING - Shirt and ghastly tie set - and as if that was not bad enough - the wrong size!!

Thank heaven for small mercies - at least I can give it to someone I dislike!

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Best, esspresso cofee machine. (mine expired in October through overuse) proper cofee again, bless my daughter. Worst, none. Silliest, me giving SWMBO a smart phone, her old one won't connect to a computer so contacts have to be loaded one at a time. (she is likely to throw it in the fish tank soon) John *-) :$
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