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Bonnet cable Hymer 05 A class - stop it sticking?


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Tried to open the bonnet today but not joy. Lever in van worked but the bonnet wouldn't open. Managed to open the bonnet with a net curtain rail. Cable inside the plastic sheaf wasn't moving when pulling on the lever in the cab.


Unclipped the cable in the bonnet area, poured WD40 into the cable as much as I could, pulled on the cable to stretch. Reconnected and it worked.


Question is whether my cable has had its day and am I going to have problems again and the second question is whether there is an alternative to replacing the cable so it doesn't happen again.


Could have been a stretched cable, water or dirt could have got in, or it got tangled up on its long journey from the lever to the locking mechanism.


Any ideas?

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Contrary to popular stories Bowden cables do not stretch, they're made of stainless steel (sadly it is often a poor grade so it still rusts). What can happen (and often does) is water and crud get into the cable assembly and cause corrosion. Eventually the inner and outer cables corrode together and you get a bonnet relese that doesn't. You will almost certainly need to replace the cable but the good news is you can probably utilise a bicycle rear brake cable rather than having to go to Fiat or Hymer.



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Historically, a bowden-cable 'inner' was made of galvanised wire (not stainless steel) which is why it rusted unless periodically lubricated.


Producing a new cable should be straightforward provided that the original end-fixings are commonplace (eg. a simple cylindical fixing) that can be obtained easily, or can be DIY-copied, or can be re-used.


This company (there are others) specialises in control cables and will produce bespoke ones:




The following links may help with DIYing a cable:





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