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Gas Fire not staying lit


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There is a thread on the Auto-Sleepers forum about Truma S-series heaters blowing out (or failing to light) in windy conditions




As lennhb says, extensions for the roof-mounted exhaust are available.




However, Truma's Operating Instructions for this appliance say


"If the heater keeps going out in extremely windy conditions or during the winter, we recommend the use of an AKV cowl extension (Part No: 30010-20800). This must be removed while the vehicle is in motion so that it is not lost (risk of accident)."


The Truma S-3002K (which is usually the one fitted to motorhomes) is able - with the correct roof-cowl and extension fitted - to be operated when a motorhome is being driven. Obviously, in such circumstances, the heater will need to stay alight despite there being air flowing at high speed above and below the vehicle.


I would suggest therefore that, if your heater blows out, literally, "in the slightest wind", that there's something odd about it.

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roger s - 2013-01-03 7:48 AM


Nice to know you are reading ASOF Derek you are most welcome.


I fitted one of these extensions and it worked fine over new year with varying winds and for just over a fiver and two minutes fitting it save hassel


It's GOOGLE that reads the ASOF, not me. ;-)


What I find strange is that Truma's recommendation regarding adding an extension to an S-Series heater's roof-mounted flue relates to extreme weather conditions or if the heater is to be operated en route. But it seems to be a) not uncommon for people to experience problems with these heaters staying alight in normal weather conditions and b) that received wisdom is that adding an extension is a guaranteed way in which to address this characteristic.


Truma S-Series heaters have been fitted to motorhomes and caravans since the Year Dot and, if there are general staying-alight problems with this appliance, one might expect the flue-extension to be fitted as standard.


It may well be that (as rolandrat suggests) mounting the heater on a plinth may be a factor, but Auto-Trail has installed Truma S-Series 'fires' for years and surely not all of these have needed a flue-extension to allow the heater to stay alight in a mild breeze.


The other thing is that (depending on which Mohawk model Tony has) a 6" flue-extension is likely to increase the overall height of what is already a tall vehicle. Realistically, there's no chance that Tony would be removing the flue-extension (as Truma advises) before driving his motorhome, so increased vulnerability to overhead obstructions (eg. tree branches) may need to be taken into account.

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