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Water blowing in our Mini Heki


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This happened once before - again when the wind was strong and from the South such that it comes up over the back of the c'van. It happened big time over New Year such that we had a fair bid of water on our bed. Easy to dry off with a fan heater but still worrying as to why.


With my head in the opening I could see the wind pushing the water in the roof towards the front of the c'van and around the front of the Heki a vortex sucked the water up so that it came up over the edge and onto the blinds.


First we new was on arrival we moved one of the blinds and water poured out! Not a pleasant surprise.


The seal on the Heki to the roof is fine - no problems - so it seems to be just this weird set of circumstances when the wind and rain are from the rear to the front of the c'van.


Interestingly - others seem to have had the same problem as when i googled Heki Mini Water ingress I got this -




It seems that some have ventilation by way of a seal being left off and this seal fits in the recess in the clear plastic dome. Fitting this seal solves the problem.


The real seal from the manufacturer is incredibly expensive but some have found that places like ScrewFix sell the same stuff at a fraction of the price.


As long as other ventilation exists - I would suggest that the fitting of this seal is worthwhile.


Worrying about our NY break being spoilt by the possibility of a wet bum at night was a bit of a dampener (Get it ....... !! *-) ) - and I gather that MH's have the seal to stop whistling when driving.


So us tuggers should be careful as we are sealant less.




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