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Tamar Bridge ~Plymouth/Cornwall


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I know this is not a political site, but I want to draw people's attention to the fact that the Tamar Bridge committee intend to raise fees on the bridge by 13% later this year. The current fee is £1.50 for a motorhome/car and double that if you are towing.

I wonder, if you go via the bridge, you would care to email your MP to raise a protest. Just saying that it will harm tourism or whatever.

The fee for the bridge went up by 50% in 2010.

I realise I live near there and perhaps this is for my own ends but in the long run it affects all of us and other bridge crossings maybe tempted to follow suit.

If this breaches forum rules I apologise and this is not meant to offend. I nothing else you will have the information for the fee, when you are sitting in the queue. B-)

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