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Snow on van roof - solar panels

bolero boy

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Hi all, noticed that the batteries were slipping a little in charge due to snow on the roof covering our 85w solar panel.

Just shinned up ladder and with combination of brush and hose cleared the snow off the panel.

Instantly getting a charge of 0.2A even in this grim light and batteries starting to come back up to full charge.

Worth 10 mins to avoid dead battery syndrome.

Yes, I know you can connect EHU but.........you know.

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From 6 years of monitoring:


Snow on panel = no output.


Quite noticible dust on panel = about 100 to 200 m/a reduction in output depending on angle of sun.


Shadow (even small shadow from branch) on panel = as much as only 1/10th of the unshaded output.


One major problem with solar panels is that they need full, unshaded sun to give their best, so anyone heading off to Spain and wanting to shelter under a tree needs to make sure that the panel is unobstructed.

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