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Glasgow Show


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I have not been for several years as we were very disappointed with the last visits. Very few makers themselves actually bothered to turn up, and all that was on Show were local dealers with their stock selections. If you are at all interested in any of the non mainstream models then forget it as they do not bother to travel north of the Wall. When we visited the hall for statics was almost as large as the main hall for everything else. Unfortunately, due to costs most makers now stick to the NEC Show as that is where they get the greatest exposure and numbers of punters, and dare I say, who can blame them.


Now, it may have changed in the last year or 2, but somehow i doubt it. i do wish we had a decent Scottish Show but costs etc now rule.


However if you do go, do not go at the weekend as many models are 'locked' to stop kiddies and gawpers, visit on the Friday as they are more accommodating.

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