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Lunar low profiles


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globebuster - 2013-01-30 12:37 PM





Anyone on the forum have any experience of the Telstar, X Star low profiles.


I'm currently running a '05 Dethleffs Globebus 3 [ 2 berth, u lounge, very low profile model] 2.8 JTD


The other half really likes the big front sunroof and general layout of the Lunars, albeit very similar to the Globebus.


The Dethleffs' construction is very good, although internally I'm guessing this was an entry-level van, where as the Lunar range [on the surface] seem better equipped.



Any feedback much appreciated.


Having a Lunar Telstar GT in 2009 I can give you the following information from memory.


Although there are two opposing seats that in theory could be used for single beds I found that the one that runs up to the sink on the passenger side was too short even for me (5'8").

The struts that the seats sit on are very flimsy especially when pulling them out to make up a big double bed had at least two break on us whilst away although nothing a bit of glue cant repair. Might be worth looking at upgrading the wood on the bases or bracing in some way.


The storage under the lounge seat on the drivers side is a bit useless as under there was the water pump and all the pipework for the water along with the leisure battery leaving very limited space.

The storage under the opposite lounge seat is better but again not brilliant. No outside access to either seat space either.


There was a small locker on the outside that would take power cable etc.


The overhead roof window in the cab on ours started to come away and lifting at the corners. Sorted with new sealant.


The habitation door is of a stable door design so that you could open the top half independently of the bottom half and I found that the fitting was not great and let a lot of draft in around the seals this was sorted by putting internal fittings on the bottom of the door it also made it much more secure.


I hope that helps you in your quest.


ps just found a review on the Lunar Telstar here http://tinyurl.com/aovodjz

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