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Interesting Combination


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Came across the following while browsing. It was obviously done a while ago considering the age of both parts and they still want over 10k. Is it a classic?





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Well the Caravan 'Bit' is a Classic, doubt if it was 'Bulit' at the Carlight factory completely though.

looks like the 'van' has just been bolted to a Mercedes chassis. Last I heard Carlight were still refurbishing used models and reselling them at 'Very Big' prices. Don't think this is one of them though.


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Back in the impoverished 70's a mate bought an ex Mother's Pride (remember them!!) Austin bakery box van and an old Sprite Alpine caravan!


We took the body off with the aid of levers, rollers, two large 'A' frames and a block and tackle and it remained in use as a garden shed for many years to follow!

It was a bit hair raising but we were younger then and quite fearless!


We then lowered the de-wheeled etc caravan onto the bare chassis cab and with the use of a welder, lots of nuts and bolts and bits of steel plate fixed it all together.


With the addition of several aluminium panels from a dead donor caravan we faired in the wheel arches and the lower part of the cab and chassis to caravan and resprayed the lot a fetching shade of government surplus army dark green.


I only used it once - that was quite enough - but it served many years as a holiday home with a view before the cab finally disintegrated to tinworm and the tyres to anno domini!.


I don't think it would ever had been worth £10,000 - but seeing that Carlight it brought back some happy memories of taking on the challenge and making it work on a shoestring because it was seeing one similar to the Carlight that gave us the idea!


Happy days eh!!

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Very interesting - would go down a storm at classic car shows


My dad also converted a Morris 'threepenny bit' Lyons Bakery van into a motorhome. This was in the mid 70s. He sold it after only one trip. It turned up outside my sister's house on the day he died and disappeared on the day of his funeral! We ever did find out who owned it.


here's an interesting vehicle I spotted a couple of years back



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