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I camp HD on an I pad


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Guest JudgeMental

Trying to be helpful I googled " i camp HD " and it turned up nada..nufink...zilch


I do so hate lazy posts......Please more info including links if you want help

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Dugi - 2013-02-04 7:01 PM


iCampsites HD - Campsites & Stopovers,


sorry for the short version this morning , I was in a hurry and so disappointed !


Is there anyone else having a problem with this ,


Presumably the application used to work for you but now does not?


The app is described here




There is a support forum here




and I note that there is a very recent poll about iPad-related issues.




The following 31 January 2013 statement strongly suggests that people may currently be experiencing difficulties running this app on an iPad.


"In an effort to establish what iPads have an issue and what OS version they are running could anyone running or trying to run iCampsites on an iPad device please choose your OS version in the poll above (Regardless of whether it works or not) and then post in the thread what device you have and any details of issues so I can pass it all en masse to developers to sort."


It looks like the developers of the app will need to resolve the problems but, if you want more information, your best bet would seem to be via the Mobile Campsites Support Forum.









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