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Discount on Re-Fillable Gas System


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I would just like to state I have no connection with this company ,but all discounts are worth having .

Valentine offer from GAS IT.


The new GAS IT webshop is now up and running and with love in the air due to valentines day being just around the corner we've decide to put a valentine offer together.

So starting on the 9th February till the 15th February there is a 5% discount on every product on the GAS IT Webshop.

All you need to do is shop as normal but before checking out, enter the coupon code of LOVE GAS IT

Theres no limit to how many times you can use the code, but it has to be between the 2 dates above.

Kind regards,The GAS IT Staff http://www.gasit.co.uk

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Guest JudgeMental
5% a bit stingy but better then nothing I guess. I find this one of the nicest gas company's to deal with. I was struggling with faults with my refillable system (not gas it) and after a few emails and photos sent, they where very helpful on phone.. If I need a new system I would try these first
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A great company to deal with. I bought my re-fillable system from them and received lots of useful advice and information. They were also considerably cheaper than the other main supplier of re-fillable tanks etc. for identical kit.

I understand they supply to the likes of Autosleeper etc.

No connection with them, just want to give credit where due.

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