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Tour de Slovakia in RV


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my name is Andrew, I am from Slovakia and I am planning to travel across my country in car with my two colleagues. We are also going to document this tour in traveloque and movie called "Ups & Downs of Human Being".


Briefly said, this journey is about outer (hiking and climbing to 10 selected peaks) and inner expedition (introspection into our nature - dealing with current unpleasent situation of huge unemployment in our country).


Traveling in RV, hiking, camping, living on the edge, visiting small local craftsmen (carpenter, painter, carver, etc) and many more... all of mentioned together could create a very catchy story.


You can find more information at this website:



or in here:


where you can also support us and contribute to bring this story/movie into life.

(give us a like or share it with friends is also big help)


If you have any question or advices/tips for our tour, I will be glad to hear it.


Thanks a lot,


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