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Mobile 112 v's 999 May be a life saver


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Guest JudgeMental
Thanks also from me Tony... interesting little video. Have registered for the text service as a precaution, lets hope I dont need to use it! :-|
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Very useful info.


Just one point of clarification:

Be aware that whilst all the rest of the video advice is, so far as I'm aware, valid all across Europe, the texting-to-112 service is UK-specific.


As I understand it, when in mainland Europe, whether using a mobile phone with a UK simcard or if using a mainland Europe sim card, you always have to dial 112 and speak, NOT just text to 112.

If outside of the UK, trying to register for a 112 texting service won't work.






And of course if calling 112 in any country outside of the UK, the emergency service operator will be a native of that mainland European country....they'll speak the language of that country.

They MAY be able to speak some English too, or they may be able to pass you on to another duty operator who can speak some English, but don't bank on it at all.

I'd suggest that if at all possible, get someone who can speak the local lingo to make the 112 voice-call, even using your phone if needs be.

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