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Remove Fiat Ducato driver's seat


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Can anyone tell me how to remove the drivers seat from our Fiat 2.3 Ducato to change the leisure battery which is under the seat. It is a 2006 model the one before the new shape with swept up headlights. Also which battery would fit the space. Thankyou.
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Depends on whether it has a swivel base or not but it is all very basic screws, nuts and bolts and pretty obvious to any reasonable DIYer?


If it isn't obvious then perhaps you are not the best one to tackle it as the seat is surprisingly heavy and it's easy to do damage if you are not prepared for this.


With the aid of a selection of open end, ring and socket spanners takes around 30 mins to take it out and put it back with no nasty surprises to make it difficult generally. You will need access from both inside the van and with the front door open so a dry day helps.


Stating the obvious, the ideal size battery would be the same size as the one that is there and if you will enlighten us with converter and model no doubt someone will know, but as I recall there is enough room to see inside under the seat to measure it and if you are very lucky read the rating label.


You might even be able to get a higher ah rated battery within the same case size if you are so inclined and fancied a bit more 12 volt power?

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Take the seat back off first, makes it a bit lighter. Two small torx head screws hold a removeale cover on the lh side and the same type of screws release the cover on the rh side allowing this cover to be swivelled out of the way to get at the two big hex' headed fixings each side that hold the back in place.

Mine has is a swivel seat and there are two torx fixings at the front horizontally securing the base and two similar vertical fixings at the back that the seat has to be swiveled to get at each onein turn.


Best get someone to lift the assembley off the base it's still is a heavy lump.


There are plastic covers that close the base at the front and back which click off.





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