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Fuel gauge frolics


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We drove from home over to Brecon a few days ago and on arrival I noticed that we had about a quarter of a tank of diesel left and that I would need to refuel before returning home.

When I started the 'van yesterday morning (2005 Boxer 2.2hdi) I noticed that the fuel gauge was registering almost full. (Yippeee, I thought, some kind soul has refuelled for me :D ).

As I drove out of the site, the gauge actually went further anti-clockwise and was recording 3,500 rpm on the rev-counter :-S .

It proceeded to hover between these two settings for the first mile or so and then proceeded to settle down to the actual quarter -tank measure.


My question is: was the tank sensor playing up due to the cold weather (although that particular morning wasn't frosty), is the guage itself likely to be the culprit, or are there other more mysterious elements at large, interfering with the electronics?

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