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ducato manual


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I`ve seen the Peter Russek ones for sale a a couple of shows and i`m pretty sure they only go up to 2000.


I`ve been looking for one for my 2006 Boxer since i bought it and haven`t found one yet.


I bought the ...Peugeot Manuals...3 CDs... off Ebay a while back, biggest load of Cr*p i`ve ever bought off there.


They looked good Proper Logo`s everything but absolute rubbish.


They were so obviously " Copies " of the original it was a joke, half of the programs wouldn`t open.


Got my money back but it took a while.

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I can confirm that the Peter Russek Manual doesn't properly cover the "later" X230 and X240 Ducatos.





As far as I'm aware the Ducato family history is:-


First generation Fiat Ducato ran from 1981 to 1993.


Second generation type X230 (pre-facelift), was made from 1994 to 2002....the gearbox was modified at about same time ( but there was a bit of model/gearbox overlap) as the 2002 model facelift. On X230 models, reverse gear is right and down, by 4th.


Second generation X240 (post facelift) ran from 2002 to 2006.....reverse gear on these is left and up, by 1st.


Third generation, type X250 ran from 2006 to present. Fitted with 6 speed gearbox (6th gear is actually just an extra bridging ratio between existing 4th and the very tall 5th on the previous X240 5-speed box)









Our current motorhome is on is a 2001 2.8 JTD Ducato chassis-cab with the SOFIM engine (which was actually an IVECO manufactured engine), and the Russek manual that I already had only covered the earlier generation (including the 1992 vehicle that I had previously).





As I do all my own servicing and maintenance, and as there is no paper-based workshop manual for these Ducatos, I bit the bullet and bought one of these:




It's a flagrant rip-off of the dealer electronic manual system, but it's handy for specs, toques, settings, clearances.

To be honest, that's probably all you need if you have some DIY car/van mechanical experience, unless you're going to strip down the engine/gearbox, as the 1998-2005 versions are uber-simple beasts and most things are pretty obvious.


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