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Is anybody Blogging on a Mac?


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to be precise; (because I know that "someone" in the whole wide world must be using a Mac to blog) is anyone reading this posting, using a Mac to blog.

I'm looking for advice on software, preferably not too expensive, shareware or freeware; nice interface and definately "Mac'ish". Also looking for advice on where to locate it, free/pay? Alternatives to Google I suppose?

I've been thinking about starting a blog for ages, now seems a good time. I also don't want to clog up these forums with my self-indulgent rants. (pull out pin with teeth and lob?)


alan b

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Hi Alan

My son set us up on a blog that is WordPress 2 based.Would think most libraries would have the book. Although we run it on a Windows 7 machine the setting up guide is for both ours and Mac based machines.

I believe you can get easy to set up blogs on line now.

Have a look at ours. www.stoppsblog.co.uk And see the idea,you can vary the layout to suit your taste and style..

Hope it helps.


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Hi George;

I had a go downloading WordPress? and failed miserably; found it difficult to set up.

That was a few weeks ago; and I gave up!

Your post today made me have another go; and I got past first base.

Not sure how I'll proceed, but managed to select a template and get a first blog started!

I'll work on it and see if it's worth opening up to the wide world!


I'll let you know how I get on



alan b

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