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Wing mirror removal, Ducato post 2006


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Like many others I have cracked the outer case of my passenger side, long arm mirror. Can anyone outline for me the procedure to remove the complete mirror unit. Are second hand units available? Wing Mirror Man seems the best source at present, do you know any better please?


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Guest Peter James

Welcome to the forum Straceys

You should be able to download the workshop manual free of charge - its all on there;


Just checked and this one is still working

go to the web page link below

right click on the blue box that says 'click here to start download from sendspace'

left click on the drop down menu that says 'save link as'

then click save

may take 20 minutes or so to download


web page link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a74q6x


That will give you a 206MB ZIP File

Unzip the file to a new folder

Burn the CONTENTS of the new folder on to a CD

Take the CD out, re insert it, and the workshop manual should install



(see last post on this thread http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/Motorhomes/Motorhome-Matters/X2-50-WORKSHOP-MANUAL-FREE/25980/31/#M343249 )


PS: I don't know of a better source than wingmirrorman

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Hi Ian


Is your mirror seriously damaged?


If it's just the outer casing that's cracked, you might consider fitting 'shields' to both mirrors to a) disguise the cracked casing and b) provide some protection against it happening again. A pair of Mirror Guards should be roughly half the price of a replacement complete mirror and much simpler to fit..





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I have down loaded the files but cannot get past seeing them - elearn_1 to 11 burnt them to disc a couple of ways - but cannot get anything to open them with any sense..


All I need is to look at fitting instructions for the wing mirror to see if this is a job I can do or do I need to get a mechanic to do it?


Has anyone out there who has successfully got this down-load to work - got a means to screen capture the relevant page (s) for me...

Help would be much appreciated ..


Or if you have done the job and can describe the process - I will see if I can take the broken mirror off first - before ordering one.



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Westminster14 - 2013-07-15 3:16 PM


....Or if you have done the job and can describe the process - I will see if I can take the broken mirror off first - before ordering one.




In the preceding posting (27 March) I provided a link to a Ducato-mirror-related earlier forum thread that, in turn, included links to other threads on the subject. Within those threads are details on how forum members have removed/replaced Ducato/Boxer X250 mirrors. It doesn't sound very difficult provided that one has the appropriate basic tools and some DIY ability.


I've repeated the links below:











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