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Majorca Ferry


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Has anyone been to Majorca from Spain and can give me an Idea of the price with a motor home with two people I have tried to fill in them booking forms about six times but it comes back as a fault and a phone number and I don’t want to give my details IE e-mail address I did price it up two years ago at Barcelona and they told me £600 but I think it would be cheaper than that if I booked from the UK Van is a panel van. Any help would be appreciated.
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Here are the phone numbers of two Ferry companies for you, via Google.


Just put "0034" in front of the whole number if ringing from outside of Spain.



Balearia www.balearia.net/eng Phone 902 160 180

Car ferries and catamarans run from Denia to Palma daily and take 10 hours and 7 hours respectively or from Valencia, daily, with a journey time of 8 hours via car ferry and 5 hours via catamaran.


Trasmediterranea www.trasmediterranea.es Phone 902 454 645

The main car ferry and catamaran routes to Palma are from Barcelona taking 8 hours and 4 ½ hours respectively with between 2 – 4 crossings per day. There is also a route from Valencia to Palma, operating once daily, which takes 9 hours via ferry and just over 6 hours by catamaran.

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