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Lovely Adria


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Hi Longtemps

Base vehicles on Fiat, Renault & Mercedes chassis. Range includes "A" Class, Coachbuilt, Low profile & PVC.

Which model are you looking at ??? We can probably help more, as there are a few Adria owners on the forum.


Ours is the Adria Sport, budget range Low Profile & must say we have only had a couple of very minor problem which were immediately sorted by our Dealer. (Radio - Dealer fit & habitation door lock -jammed)

You will have to consider (on Fiat budget range, possibly others) Leisure Battery, Radio, Spare Wheel are not included in their list price.

Build quality - My impression is good. When researching on-line before purchasing, I found very few problems (other than one major problem with an "A" class Vision body - which went back to the Adria factory).


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Thanks, Flika, very helpful.

The model I am looking at is the 2013 SLX Twin Fiat conversion. My main worry is that Adria dealers seem to be few and far between, but the one's I have spoken to seem very accommodating. ( But don't they all when a potential sale is in the air?).

Basicaly now, my principal objective is to assess who will fight my corner the hardest with the Adria factory in Slovenia, when and if I need spares or have any problems.

Once again, many thanks.

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Guest JudgeMental

2013 MMM van of the year




We have the SP and its a decent enough van. The SLX is a copy of the very popular German Globecar/ Possl range of stretched panel vans with twin singles and centre bathroom.. The German vans are better insulated so if winter camping worth looking at.


You will probably save nigh on £10K buying LHD. And it will be better spec as well. Lots on www.mobile.de in stock and available now for about 40K euro, so about £36000 on the road here..you can have a browse....In Germany they tend to order all the different packs for their stock vans.l




The German dealer we and others on here use is very good. Only 2 issues in 2 years. I asked for a new water filler and got it in post same week. Truma valve packed up while on holiday, go it replaced while away sent bill and money same week. With a panel van really not much to go wrong and fridge, heating etc covered by europe wide warranty so no need to return to dealer, sorted by service agent here (have tested this with another van when heating packed up)


all the kit...including 120 litre fuel tank


Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato 35 Maxi

Engine Details: Fiat Ducato 2, 3 JTD

Kitchen, toilet

Side seating

Single beds

Slabs: center (130 x 94), rear (185 x 75), rear (205 x 75)

Belted seats: 4


electric windows

Cab seats swiveling

electric mirrors

Entry level electrical

particulate filters


Fridge with freezer compartment

Fuel tank 120 l

Cassette toilet


pilot seats

2-burner stove

cruise control

Divided bathroom

mirrors heating

Driver and passenger airbags



Metallic Paint 559, -

Kit de Luxe 1199, -

Comfort Plus Package 2599, -

Winter tires € 299, -

Metallicllackierung bumper 399, -

including transfer and documents in 1188 -

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