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Fylde overnight parking

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This may be of interest to some of you and MMM could do an article as it seems Fylde council are trying to make a go of the scheme.




If the above link is no good try this one and look for related downloads on the right of page




I wish more councils would give it a go.



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Thanks for the up date Dave, when Fylde first introduced the Overnight parking for Motorhomes I sent the Report to our Main Council, Dumfries and Galloway, asking if this council could not follow suit and be more progressive, I got a response stating my request would be passed on to the appropriate dept, then nothing since , I have now sent the link onto them again stating in these hard financial time would this not be an untapped source of income, I wont hold my breath fo a reply ,but think we should all send the link to Councils in our region
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This topic is running on another forum as well.


It`s been reported that whilst people are using the " Official Overnight Car Park" by the

Swimming Pool that is £5 per night there are still plenty using the ones that Do Not Allow Overnight Parking .


The one that will cause problems is the one by Fairhaven Lake where the expensive

houses are and probably owned by people that have some influence with or are on the



If it continues it will result in the Height Barriers going up and spoil it for everyone including

the ones that use them legally during the day.


There are a lot of people that visit and enjoy the Fylde and whilst Blackpool is Off Limits to

Motorhomes at night Lytham is not.


If people will Play The Game and use the Official Car Park the scheme might get extended

with the possibility of Water and Disposal Points being laid on.



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