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LEZs in Germany


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We are probably going to be in parts of Germany this summer and I've been looking at the various LEZs they have in place. Our van is a 1998 Duetto diesel so would be Red on their scale. Most of the LEZs now seem to ban red-stickered vehicles as well as earlier models so it looks like there's no need to spend the money on a sticker. In the experience of recent visitors to Germany, is there plenty of warning given that you're about to enter a LEZ so you can navigate around it? I presume autobahns through LEZs are exempt so it's still possible to cross cities by autobahn where they exist, but if so, are there signs at exits warning you if an exit will take you into a LEZ?





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This has been recently discussed here:




To summarise:


A red umweltplakette will be of very little use (likewise a yellow one).


Zones are well marked with specific signs, though it might be possible to miss them in locations with a lot of "street furniture".


All Autobahns, even those which traverse zones, are exempt.


Zones are manually policed within the zones, rather than by CCTV at the perimeter, and as a result you would be unlucky to be caught for a minor transgression; the penalty, at €40 is not disastrous - certainly not of the magnitude of the £200 London penalty.


By reference to the map highlighted on the above thread, you can pre-plan for any of the 50 or so zones that there are.


In many years of visiting Germany, since the implementation of emissions zones I have never (despite being legally "stickered") traversed one, or had to consciously avoid one to achieve my Journey's goal (we normally visit town centres on public transport)..



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Guest Peter James
Other European countries don't treat the enforcement of petty regulations as a revenue raiser like they do in England, so this is not something to get unduly worried about.
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