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Awning and the Show


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Paid a visit to the show in Peterborough this morning with a long list of things we' need' and 'would like' for the van.


Some of you may remember that I posted last year that we had decided to get an awning for our Swift Mondial having been told that it could be retro fitted to the van. Well two local dealers took one look at the van, shook their heads and said 'nah cant do it mate'. They claimed they would have to remove the top cupboards and the ceiling inside to fit it. Well thanks to 'you know it all's' on here, we knew it could be done. So we set off this morning, with photo's of the inside and the roof just in case, hoping that someone up at the show could sell us all the parts needed to fit one. Yay, the first guy we talked to knew all about our van and how to do it and the bad advice some people had been given regarding fitting them. (lol) We did check out the rest of the show before going back and ordering AND he will come up and fit for no extra charge!! AND we have ordered an anthracite colour which looked much better on a van of our colour than a silver one. Just happened to be two vans at the show in our colour, one with a silver fitted awning and one with the anthracite colour. Confirmed our thoughts about the look. Now wondering whether we should get a front and sides for it but that can wait a while. Need to recover from the hit the credit card just took. 8-)


Apart from that we were a bit disappointed about the show. First time we have been and expected quite a lot more to be up there. Mind you, the last time we went to a show we were looking to buy a van. We did have a nosy at the vans just to see what was about. Wanted a mattress topper but found we can get one cheaper on E bay, Amazon or Dunelm Mill. Did get a nice clock which we have been looking for but everything else on our list just wasn't available.


Oh dear, just might have to go to another show ;-)


So is this years show as good as last years?

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