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Rimor Light Cluster removal


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Just failed the new Roadworthiness test over here in sunny Ireland. Stop-light and reversing light not working. Thankfully. it was a loose connection in the wiring-loom behind the rear skirt. I say 'thankfully' because I was half an hour trying to work out how the lens assembly comes off.

There's no screws to be seen on the lens itself, only three (seized) 10mm nuts holding the body of the cluster behind the skirt. I'm wondering if the rubber lip around the lens peels back to allow the lens to slip out? I can't see any other way. I gave the whole unit a tug and got the impression that it might pull out of some plug-in socket assembly.....I didn't pursue that in case I was wrong. It's a 2004 Rimor by the way.

Surely you don't have to completely remove the whole cluster to change a bulb? Any advice appreciated!

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