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Exhusts - Southampton


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dipstick0_0 - 2013-04-25 8:24 PM


hi we went to kwick fit and they sorted it there and then


good luck


You must have a very large Kwick fit, as our local one, do not have the facility to lift a motor home, even to change the wheels around.


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Hi we were just outside Penzance when my exhaust blew I managed to get into penzance found the Kwick Fit centre and they sourced the exhaust and had it fitted within 2 hrs they didnt use a lift they fitted it whilst the vehicle was on the ground really great service from a company that sometimes gets a lot of flack nothing was to much trouble and no I dont have any connections with the company
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Caroline - 2013-04-25 7:34 PM


Hi sources of information


Where do you go to get your Motorhome exhust, I think they are bespoke, is this correct, can you help?




Whether a motorhome's exhaust is "bespoke" will depend on the vehicle, and you may well find that the exhaust on your 2008 Delaware is standard Fiat Ducato (with, perhaps, a short addition to extend it beyond the bodywork-line).


GOOGLE (Search on "southampton exhausts") indicates that there are plenty of businesses in the Southampton area specialising in exhaust replacement. Telephone around for quotes and make sure that you know what's being offered regarding the make of exhaust system as the quality can vary.

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