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The difference between a Type Approved towbar and one that is not Type Approved is essentially contained in the 2-word description - the former towbar will have been tested to ensure that it meets the relevant EC Type Approval standard (and will carry a data-plate confirming this) whereas the latter towbar will not have passed the tests to ensure that it meets the relevant EC Type Approval standard and will have no Type Approval data-plate. You could have a towbar that fully meets the EC standard technically and mechanically but, if this has not been officially confirmed via testing and the towbar does not carry the requisite data-plate, it's not a Type Approved towbar.


Another towbar website says:


"In order for a towbar design to be granted approved status, it must meet rigorous design and testing criteria. The towbar must attach to the vehicle at the specified mounting points nominated by the vehicle manufacturer. Once the design has been accepted by the VCA. (Vehicle Certification Agency), it must pass a push/pull test. The push/pull test simulates the stopping and starting of towing a caravan/trailer; the towbar must be tested for 2 million cycles. At the end of the test, the towbar must show no signs at all of deformation or cracking. The test is very thorough and very harsh ensuring that all approved towbars are safe (when used correctly)."

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Sydney1 - 2013-05-02 12:58 PM


Just got one fitted to my new Autotrail Scout. Went to Watling Engineers and excellent service and workmanship.


We had an approved towbar from Watling on previous van, very helpful & there is a "dimension detail form" on their website which you can put your van details on.

They also shipped to a local dealership for fitting, saving time & cost having to travel to their premises.


http://www.watling-towbars.co.uk/motorhome_towbars.html & scroll down to bottom of page.


or if you have an AL-KO chassis / chassis extension



which has a link to their price list

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