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Sawiko/Al-Ko Load Carriers


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This may have been a matter of debate on here already, but having been away for a couple of weeks, I've missed it.


In past discussions about motorcycle carriers, etc., I've highlighted the Sawiko range, a German company I've had dealings with in the past.


I also recently pointed out that they were now under the Al-Ko banner (as some debate was going on about both type-approval and their use on Al-Ko chassised vehicles).


I note from the current MMM advertising that Al-Ko in the UK appear now to have taken up (some of) the range, and are headlining it on their website, here:




....maybe this means a somewhat better capability to obtain and fit the various pieces of kit in the UK, and certainly endorses the use on Al-Ko chassised vehicles - a little more info on type approval and/or the wider set of accessories would be useful, though.

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Guest JudgeMental

quality..saw loads of these on German vans last year..


And for push bikes: Hugh (hughman) on here has ordered the similar looking Busbiker flip out carrier for his new panel van..looks a smashing job.and it fold up when not in use. my only reservation is it cant be used on your car as well...





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