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Aussi Answer to Low Bridges


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I like the American video.


What frightens me is the traditional arched bridge where the crown / soffit is the measured height, so I drive down the under the highest bit, only to find that on coming traffic has taken no notice of the signs saying there may be vehicles in the middle of the road.


Happens nearly every time in Sandhurst




Times when another 20 tons behind me would help :D



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Today I was driving north through Emsworth, where I live, and there was a large lorry reversing into the railway station yard as he had decided that the rail bridge was too low for his vehicle.

The problem is ascerbated due to the low bridge being in a dip in the road so a lorry may pass under but will be caught as the front of the lorry goes up up the slope.

We also have every few years the excitement of having a double decker bus suddenly becomes a topless bus!

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