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New toy - PVC (not the polyvinylchloride type!)


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Thanks Robinhood - just the ticket. I'll try it tomorrow.


Cheers, Hugh



Robinhood - 2013-05-13 9:50 PM


hughman - 2013-05-13 9:13 PM


BTW, how do you remove the control panel to check connections? I'm assuming my system is gas only - it's a Combi 4, and I haven't found a lower control unit like Mel shows.


The attached pic shows how the panel is fitted.


The frame is a "click" fit that can be removed by careful use of a thin knife under the edge.


The mounting screws should then be obvious (and if you're going to remove it you'll have to hope there is enough slack in the cable).


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hughman - 2013-05-13 7:29 PM


...Don't know about 'secumotion' till I get the Possl manual in English - my printer's up the creek just now :-(



It should be straightforward for you to tell whether your Possl has the latest Truma "CS" type of regulator or the older "Secumotion/DriveSafe" one, as they are visually different. Both types are shown here:




But (as already been said) if all the hob-burners will operate simultaneously at maximum output, the regulator (whatever type it happens to be) is OK.


The start-up procedure involves the heater's gas-burner fan beginning to run, the gas-supply valve opening and the gas igniters firing. If the heater 'recognises' that the gas has not lit, it will shut itself down.


If there's no (or insufficient) gas the heater will shut down, but it will also shut down if the igniters fail to operate. You may be able to hear the igniters firing (I certainly can with my Truma C-Series heater), so that might help with your diagnosis.

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Guest JudgeMental

over the years I have had problems with 3 heating systems, they seem the most unreliable component due to complexity I guess...


1 ALDE system: needed new PCB as camper imported from Sweden this was done at my house my mobil ALDE engineer under warranty


Ist Truma: failed on 230v it was a loose connection in mains box next to boiler


2nd truma: the common securemotion fault. replaced while touring by 3rd party dealer, 200€ repaid by dealer on my return


obviously before ripping the controls apart on a one week old camper, best start at gas supply and as that OK, and leisure batteries have enough charge and a bit of cable waggling don't help...call the free engineer?

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So, current state of play:


1. It has the Crash Sensor system as standard. As cooker and fridge work, not a gas problem.

2. Wiggled and reconnected cables on boiler where movable.

3. Extracted control unit and unplugged and replaced cable.


Result - no change :'(


I'll try checking fault code with Robinhood's list, but it's going to have to be engineer callout I think.


Thanks for all the advice -I'll let you know when/if it gets sorted.

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So, having tested various connections with a multimeter, I tried the boiler again - no joy. I checked the fault code using Robinhood's list and, discounting gas flow problems, it comes up as needing a new pcb. I rang Truma here who said they don't cover non-UK supplied kit (a battle to be fought later then, if necessary), so I tried calling the German dealer again, with the fault code. Result; new pcb to be posted to me - they have it in stock and it's apparently not a difficult job to replace.


Fingers crossed still, but we may yet be able to go to Skye with some heating!


Many thanks for help.

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Guest JudgeMental

Not from the Truma chap I spoke to...They are happy to pay for warranty work once you find an accommodating dealer.


So I called one......These people who I spoke to happy to have a look, ask for Keran. They are the first and nearest dealer to you that I called. The situation is this: Truma do not have their own engineers and rely on dealers to do work in house. its just a matter of finding a nice accommodating one:-D .


Freeborn Motorhomes

Trained Service Dealers

Guildford Rd, Goldalming

GU7 3BU Surrey


Telefon: Keran on 01483 423555

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