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Tyre inflater 12v pump


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If you just want to put a few psi in your tyres occasionally, you'd probably be better off with a non-electric pump. Conversely, if you want the ability to re-inflate a motorhome tyre that has lost a lot of pressure (eg. from a slow puncture) and to carry the pump in the vehicle, a powerful 12V inflater will be the logical choice, but, as far as I'm aware, none of these have a digital gauge.






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Try the RING inflator about £40, I need to inflate to 80PSI and most garages dont go that high but the RING works fine foe me. It doesnt have a digital reader but I use a seperate digital reader for accuracy - cost me about £3 when on special offer at the garage.

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Curtisden - 2013-05-31 9:39 AM


I tried the cheep ones which were just not up to the job.

Then I found this all metal one in Maplins at just under £20.

Great little pump which deals with my tyres with no problems. 80PSI

Claims to go to 120PSI but its main appeal is its solid robust and looks like it will last.




Your link fails to work because you've added a 'dot' after the 225095


This link will retrieve the Maplin pump




The specification is similar to that of the Ring RAC-700 pump, though the Maplin product is cheaper and has a (preferable) screw-on valve-connector. The Maplin pump is said to draw 10 Amps (maximum), which may challenge some vehicle's 10A-fused 'cigarette-lighter' socket. A power-cord length of 3m + a 1m-long air-hose means that a power-cord extension may be needed to inflate a motorhome's rear wheels. Reviews are all positive and it's a good on-paper buy for £20.

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