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camping supplies in France


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I am in France at the moment( first MH trip abroad) and just wanted to know where I can pick up toilet chemicals etc for our MH, none of the places we have stayed so far have sold any (not like in the UK). We will be going from Honfleur to Dina in the morning. I did a search online but didn't come up with anything, camp site staff said they ony new of one in Le Harve which was going the wrong way. Any pointers would be good as we are away for six months ish.

Hope for some better weather!!



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Hi Mildi

I was in France last year and needed toilet fluid just like yourself, I walked into a tiny old DIY type shop and they had it there.

it wasn't cheap but it got me out of trouble


So worth a look


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You should be able to obtain toilet chemicals from any French caravan or motorhome dealership (though chemicals probably won't be available at French campsites).


This map http://tinyurl.com/p4e7cek of the area you are visiting today may be helpful.


There are several dealerships at "A" (La Mézière), but don't forget that French motorhome/caravan dealerships are usually closed from midday-Saturday until Tuesday and also at lunchtime.


(If you buy a copy of "Camping-Car Magazine" or "Le Monde du Camping-Car" (available from most larger newsagents), in the back of each publication you'll find a list of motorhome dealerships in each French departement. Might be handy if you plan to be in France for several months.)

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......a search for "Narbonne Accessoires" is often a good starter in France.


It will pull up a set of independent stockists effectively associated with a group.


It is unlikely that they won't stock some kind of toilet fluid.


According to the website, there is a "branch" in Caen


Caen Accessoires

13 rue du poirier

14650 Carpiquet

02 31 26 01 15


...which may be close to your route.

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And - if you are still heading to wards Caen and plan to take the A84 west of the city - there are two motorhome dealerships





at Verson (A84 Exit 48)


And (even easier to find) SALINSKY at Guilberville (A84 Exit 40 on to D974 towards Torigni-sur-Vire)



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mildi - 2013-05-21 9:20 AM


Many thanks for the help, was very useful.

Only one other thing - French swimming pools- can you tell me how to loose about 10lb quick so I don't look a plonka in speedo's *-) ???

You could try the Fast diet, otherwise known as the 5:2 diet! The speedo thing is a bit of a myth, we have used loads of French campsite pools, and only come across the speedo rule being enforced in one or two.

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