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kevin hawkins

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Go to the ACSI site and download the 2 files, one is the icon and one is the site god data file.

Plug your tomtom into yr pc and open up its file structure using my comuter or explorer. You need to find the map file, mine is called Western Europe, this is where all the POI point of interest files are kept, have a look by opening the file to get the idea as they are all in pairs.

To add the ACSI file drag your downloaded pair into your map file.

That's it.

If this works you will feel more able to collect and add more POI files from other sources like CC Aires etc.

Also read sticky at top of this forum.

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Do a Google for Archies camping. You'll find POIs for all ACSI (both regular and those that take the discount card, along with Camping Cheque and Best Deal.


Best Deal has saved us a few quid at Camping Bled and Nord Sam in Salzburg who don't take the other two. Only 69c to join via an Android app.

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