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Fiamma F45 sticking - when winding in


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We've got a 1.8m F45 on the side of our truck, it was fitted new about 18 months ago and has been used pretty much every day for 6 months.

On winding out, when it gets to the fully extended position the fabric goes slightly slack at which point I wind-in a fraction and all is well.

However when I want to wind-in at the end of the day, it's quite stiff until the side arms start to fold. This hasn't been a real issue, just a bit worrying until last month when the intermediate arm on the winder broke off at one end (the fork sheared). I'm making a new intermediate arm from steel so it won't do this again but was wondering if there's some adjustment that I can make to relieve the forces on the mechanism.

Any suggestions welcomed please.


Thanks, Ian

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Hi. 90 views and not one reply ! There are adjustments, but I think these are for evenness when winding in, and for the angle of the awning. Try Google-ing Fiamma F45 adjustments or manual and see what comes up. If you haven!t already done so you could try lubricating all the arm bearings,pivots, hinges and cable where it runs over the hinges, possible with silicon lubricant .The fully winding out then winding back slightly to take up the slack seems normal, we had to do that with our previous Fiamma and current Omnistor awning.

Brian B.

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