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Windscreen repair/replacement..?


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Sorry,not a MH specific topic but I'd like some advice on the above please...


I've just noticed a couple of chips in the 'screen of my Hiace van and I'm wondering the best way to proceed?


I've had a quick look at my insurance windscreen cover and it states:



"£60 excess but a with £100 max if "Fortis Glassline" is not used"



Seems straight forward enough but I'm unclear as to what tends to happen as far as the NCB is concerned(mine isn't "protected" at all on the Hiace)?

I don't want to claim for a repair/replacement,only to find my premium shoots up the next few years...


Any thoughts/experiences ,before I start chasing them up and getting quotes from 'screen repairers?




Feel free to ignore the above witterings...as I've just been on the Autonet website and I've had an "live chat" with an adviser 8-).It seems that claiming for a 'screen doesn't affect the NCB... ;-)

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I have recently had a new windscreen on my motorhome. I claimed on the insurance (Comfort) and it has made no difference to the premium as far as I can tell, I am looking at the renewal now and it is £248 fully comp.


So if you have a good insurance company it might not be a problem to get it fixed on the insurance?


You do have to use their windscreen people, they have a deal with them and save a few bob, I don't care who fixes it as long as it is done right (it was).



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