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Chausson Motorhome experiences


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Hi all

Looking to change my van later this year and have been looking at the Chausson range. In particular we like the layout of the Welcome 27 with the fixed bed.


Anyone out there have any experiences of Chausson motorhomes in particular. I'm looking for positives and negatives. Alternatively, any other recommendations with fixed bed and overcab bed, 4 - 6 berth. Looking to spend in the region of £20 - 25000.

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Mornin' Geee'..


We've had a Renault mounted,'08 Allegro 83(second-hand to us)for 3 1/2 years now...and we've been very pleased with it.


Nothing has really failed, rattled loose or fallen off(unlike our previous '07 Compass!!)...and even when we look around the forecourts now, in our opinion the fit and finish of ours more than stands up to a lot off what's on the market ,new or old...

Friends of ours bought a brand new Burstner (Nexxo?)around the same time, and ours felt and looked just as well better put together, if not better in some areas and to my eye, our interior was much better looking because the Burstner had a squared edged, "contiboard" look to it...


I suppose ours is not as "stark" inside as some continental vans, yet it's still manages to steer well clear of the "Grannie's parlour" that some UK vans of that vintage had! (lol)


Although I am aware that the Allegro was at the top of their range at the time(and is no longer made?), so I'm only basing my comments on our experience of this one model..

We did look at a Chasusson on a twin wheel Transit at the time,it was why we called in at Highbride(I can't recall model number),as for me twin rear wheel makes more sense for the size/weight of the van..but we just didn't need an overcab..


There are several members on here with Welcomes..and from what I can gather they seem happy enough....


Edit:You may know this anyhow but just to add, if you are after 4-6 berth carefully check the available payload and axle ratings!!


DON'T just rely on salesman/brochure figures! Get them to supply a ticket from a local weigh-bridge, showing, not only it's all-up weight but also the individual weights on both the axles...


That way you can at least have a bash at calculating if you'll remain legal when loaded....

If you need/want to go above 3500kg,ensure you have that license that allows you to do it.


Ours, fully loaded,for just the two of us(that's with fuel/water food/beer/clothing/"stuff")was well over 3500kg(that was with no bikes/sat' dishes/solar panels etc).So it's now replated to 3850kg(although we now carry a lot less tat now anyway (lol) )

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Have a look here: http://tinyurl.com/mv6npba and then scroll down the page and open the link where it says "click here". Should give a fair impression.


I assume your driving licence is OK for the 3,850kg MAM?


Try to get a drive before you buy, as that version of the Transit was a bit "gruffer" than current versions, and the clutch could be very "sharp".


The RWD twin rear wheels chassis, however, is a good choice for larger motorhomes, and should get you out of most places. :-)

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Brian Kirby - 2013-06-18 11:03 AM


..Try to get a drive before you buy, as that version of the Transit was a bit "gruffer" than current versions, and the clutch could be very "sharp".


The RWD twin rear wheels chassis, however, is a good choice for larger motorhomes, and should get you out of most places. :-)


That does remind me that, over that weekend that we were looking at Highbridge, we looked at two Transits,both twin rear wheel/overcabs but one Mk6?(..with floor mounted gear stick) and a "then new" Mk7...and the older one had far less body roll when stepping in and out of it...!

There was such a marked difference, that I spent some time crawling on my back underneath them..fully expecting to see the pre-owned one to have air-rides or coil assisters but it didn't and visually it looked the same as the "new" one.

I can only assume that the leaf strings were stiffer?(...but there didn't seem any obvious signs of them having been changed at any stage?)



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We will have to let you know once we have been away in it!


It certainly drove nice on way home, our last 2 motorhomes had Airides, this one does not and I was surprised at how little body roll there is - it does appear to have a large anti roll bar on rear suspension.


Initial impressions are, bathroom is a bit narrow if you are short, I think this is down to position of loo. Interior cupboards are quite high if you are short, mirror on bathroom cabinet too high, could do with more shelves (wife's observations). Can only heat water on gas.


I have halved the rear garage (height wise) to accomodate more and make internal access easier.


Don't think I would disagree with much said here:



Ours has the later TDCI engine.





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We like ours had no real problems to speak of and have been happy with layout and build quality. Would i have another ... Yes. Oh and no body roll on our mk 7 in fact the suspension is rock hard.
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That's pretty much the layout of our Allegro 83..Dave

..and if that "pre-owned" Transit that we looked at had've been as in that link, even though it was older than what we were trading in,we would've had that. ;-)

(..instead, it had a rear lounge and with odd mottled blue and yellow décor..)

As you say,the loo/showroom is a bit "snug"(as is the case with a lot of "French bed" types I suppose)but looking at those photos,it has far better external storage than our 83!


ips..Just to say, it was a twin rear wheel drive MK7 that I though seemed a bit wallowy(compared to the MK6 that was next to it).

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