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Boxer oil levels


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I have been given to understand by my local independent garage, that have just done an oil and filter change on my 05 boxer that the correct oil level on the dip stick is the lower mark !!!


The van a 2litre diesel turbo HDI which has previously been serviced by Peugeot from new as always been returned with the oil level at the higher marker on the dipstick.


The local garage has put in 5.3 litres of oil, to bring it to the lower mark which was confirmed as the correct level by Peugeot,to my the local garage. the higher mark would need about 8 litres !


I have always thought the dip stick higher mark was the standard guide line to work from but this is not so, and at that level ( could result in blown oil seals). I know there are indicator marks on the display panel, but these dip stick markings could confuse many , including myself. Perhaps Boxer owners will now be aware of this. (?)

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First, the engine has to be off, and to have had time for all oil to have drained into the sump, so it is better to check the oil when cold. Second, the van must be standing level. Third, it has to be the correct dipstick. Fourth, the dipstick has to be removed, wiped, and then pressed fully home and withdrawn again, to get the proper reading. If the oil is then only to the bottom mark, the dip stick indicates that the sump should be topped-up to the higher level. I quote from the Fiat manual: "If the oil level is near or under the MIN line, add oil to reach the MAX line." About 1 litre. So, sorry, but someone is pulling your plonker! :-)


Did you try asking this "garage" what then, in their opinion, was the purpose of the upper mark, and how you would know when it was appropriate to top-up the oil? They have presumably changed the oil filter, forgotten to allow for the quantity of oil that takes, and are merely trying to justify the low reading.


If the service was to change oil and filter, the total quantity required is increased by the capacity of the filter. This should be stated in the "capacities" section of the owner's handbook - at least it is in the Fiat manuals. About 0.5 litre, except the 160 engines which seem to be about 1 litre.


Besides all of which, their advice to you implies the difference between the dip stick marks equates to 2.7 litres (over half a gallon), which is plainly nonsense! If this is the level of their expertise, I'd seriously doubt any other work they carried out!


Even we 'umble twits of owners are supposed the check the engine oil level, and be competent to decide when it needs topping up. They don't seem to have got to even that level yet.

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All that you have stated Brian, on checking oil levels is of course what most owners would do, a tried and tested method for many years, I do trust this garage, there is no way they would try to save a few quid on a couple of litres or so of oil.


According to my handbook, the top marker on the dip stick is the absolute limit for capacity of oil and anything over can cause problems. I spoke to the mechanic and he pointed out that the required specified amount of oil, ie 5.3 litres was put in and after allowing for the oil to drain correctly into the sump and new oil filter, the oil reached the lower mark on the dip stick.


He informed me that this raised him some concern, and he phoned Peugeot service centre and was told that this was the correct level


The only thing I can do now is to try and establish a second opinion from another Peugeot service centre,

to verifiy what he had been told was correct.




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Then I think I'm going to stick my neck out and say your informant is dead wrong!


First, the use of a dip-stick is the only fool-proof way to check the oil level. The level is to be maintained between the two marks. It has always been the case that it should neither be above the upper mark, nor below the lower mark.


Second, an over-full sump can result in the crankshaft hitting the surface of the oil and whipping it into mayonnaise, with catastrophic results.


Third, a depleted sump can result in the oil overheating and being damaged, with similar results. So, at what point on the dip-stick are you now supposed to top-up?


What you are being told is totally illogical. If you start with the oil at the minimum level and the engine consumes any oil at all, which it is designed to do, the level will inevitably fall below minimum, with the attendant risk of catastrophic damage. This files in the face of all reason.


Finally, although you say the vehicle was previously serviced by Peugeot, I assume you mean by a Peugeot dealership? You say the van was always returned from service by them with the oil to the top dip-stick mark, as would normally be expected. Surely this must give you a clue as to who is likely to be right?


If you are happy with the advice given so be it, but on your own head be it!


My strong recommendation, however, is that you reject what you are being told and either 'phone, or write, to Peugeot's technical department, stating your VIN (chassis No) and, if they still give the same advice, insist that they put it in writing. IMO, something, categorically, is seriously wrong!


I do just wonder if the instructions being followed/quoted were for a current model (X 250) Boxer, and not appropriate to your model year? I believe the engines are different, the current version being a Ford/PSA (Puma) joint venture. Your model year may, depending on which engine is fitted, be a car derived PSA HDI diesel.

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OP - Just a clue.......................dipstick marks read "MAX" and "MIN". (Vehicle on level surface, engine stopped, time allowed for oil to return to sump etc)


Whoever has "advised" you is utterly wrong, wrong, wrong.


The level of engine oil in your van should always be, as Brian states, between the MAX and MIN marks (NOT above max, so I usually fill to just shy of the MAX mark)

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Just checked the owners hand book for my 2005 Peugeot Boxer and the oil capacity for both the 2 litre & the 2.2 litre HDI engines are the same (6.25 litres inc filter), it also states that the upper mark on the dipstick is the maximum level and should never be filled above and the lower mark is the minimum and should never be below, handbook doesn't say anything about the dipstick who changed the oil for you !
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