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ducato ABS fault alarm


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I have a 2006 swift Kontiki on a 2.7 litre fiat ducato


An ABS alarm (yellow one) came on in Southern France and I drove home with nothing affecting its driving or braking abilities.


It is now in my local repair garage who indicate that it needs a new ABS ring, after a good deal of searching they find from Fiat the type fitted is obsolete as it has been changed and they do not supply rings and you have to purchase a complete drive shaft. But due to the changes we would also have to change the other drive shaft.


So the estimate for the supply fitting 2 drive assemblies plus sensors is approx. 1600 pounds.


Has anyone experienced this type of problem and is there any other less expensive options.

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....I have, within the last year or so, read of similar experiences on a different vehicle (I suspect a Transit, but can't remember).


In that particular case, a supplier who fabricated (non-OE) replacement rings was located, and the problem successfully resolved.


Now, I can't guarantee that anyone will make a suitable replacement for yours, but at your quoted cost it is worth some internet research and a few 'phone calls.


My initial search came up with:




.....and there will be others.




I note on the above link that they say they will also make non-stock items to order, so that may be a fall-back for you.



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It would not take more than a couple of hours to change the drive-shafts and after-market ones are widely available unless you have specifically lengthened shafts. Even if this is the case there are 'reconditioned' items available from Fiat for considerably less than the new ones. Finally there are drive-shaft reconditioners all over the UK that would be able to repair yours and recondition them at the same time.

This is a £500 ish job!


The dealer has not looked into any of the more cost effective options and just quoted straight off the parts disc. Shame on them.

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Well Mr robinhood I am due you a big thank you.


I got in touch with reluctor rings .com and they had the ring in stock and with next day delivery it was 50pounds.


Took it to the garage and motor home now repaired. Don't have the garage bill yet but it will be a lot less than the original 1600pounds quoted.


So thanks again



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