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Thanks for all your advice folks


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My previous threads re Newbie Advice have given us so much food for thought and we will definitely be taking the advice and hiring a few different types/layouts of MH's before we even think about buying one.


I have now received the book Go Motorhiming and Campervanning and it is exactly as you all said it was.

Easy to read, informative, funny and thought provoking for a "newbie"


Loads of advice from you also regarding recommendations for a first site. We have booked a Tribute 625 for 4 nights (apparently we will be its first customers)......that has put even more pressure on us and brought about a whole lot of what if's and but's...but hey ho !


So plan is to go to site at Loch ken in Galloway for 3 nights and somewhere ?????? for one night wildcamping.


We have taken your expert advice and booked a week for October and we will also visit the NEC for the big exhibition prior to that.


So once again thanks for you all your friendly do's and don'ts and advice. So if any of you folks are around Loch Ken in a couple of weeks time just look out for the pair of eejits scratching their heads, looking quizzical and looking like a pair of stalkers watching everyone else and noseying into other vans !.............

we're quite harmless really !!!!!!! ha ha ha


I will give a little potted version of our trip on our return !




Every expert starts out as a novice ! :-D :-D

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