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Grill Panel


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Just before we set out for France four weeks ago we had a new condenser fitted to the air con,what a blessing in the heat. After reading about the earthing problems suffered by some x250 vans i picked an 18 inch battery cable from Halfords.On lifting the bonnet I've discovered that three of the four bolts holding the grill panel in place have went right through the ABS leaving the panel held in place by one screw and the closed bonnet.

I reason that:-

A) the screws were over tightened or

B) the panel was mis-aligned on reassembly.

The air-con guys are "coming to see what the problem is and what they can do"

How much is a front grill panel finished in white going to be? Peugeot boxer 07. Cos I ain't going to pay for it.

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