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Overnight parking somewhere between Chester and Holyhead

Mel B

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We will shortly be going across to Ireland taking the 13:00hrs ferry from Holyhead and want to stop overnight somewhere nearby so that we don't have to rush there in the morning from home. Below is the route we'll take (subject to no incidents!), so probably looking for somewhere between Chester and Holyhead.


Quite happy to 'wild camp' somewhere out of the way/safe, or use a 'cheapish' CL if needs be! As we're self-sufficient no real facilities are needed.


So, does anyone know of a suitable overnight stop please? :D


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Hi Mel


If you are a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club, you may be interested in two temporary holiday sites (THS) that they are holding at Lanrhuddlad, Anglesey and Rhos on Sea.


You don't say when you are travelling but these (THS) are only available for a limited period. The Anglesey one closes on August 12 and the other on the 11th.


Coming from E Yorkshire, you will be travelling along the A55 and the Rhos on Sea would break up your journey better, but at £10.50 @ night it is more that you would usually pay for a THS.


Hopes this helps.





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Perhaps the best Forum habitués to advise are the two, of whom I am aware, who live in North Wales [Rupert and 1foot]. There may be others lucky enough to live there who frequent the Forum.


In the meantime, could I suggest somewhere in Upper Bangor for parking up overnight? With the students on vacation it is bound to be fairly quiet. There are plenty of Halls along the Ffriddoedd Road and perhaps you’d be able to use one of the car parks? Maybe an email to the University could help?


Or, how about a place down at Bangor Pier, overlooking the Menai Straits? A jolly spot… is it still free to park there? Anyone know? I used to park there unhindered – but that was back in the 1960s – and also parked there free of charge for a weekend when I went to a Big Reunion 3 years ago.





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Just pass the junction where the A494 coming from Queensferry and meets the A55 from Chester, there is a service station with a McDonalds plus Costa Coffee plus petrol station, when leaving the petrol station and before rejoining the A55 there is a lay-by. So grub, internet, fuel and dog walking area. What more do you want Mel? :-D


Google it, the camera van goes right through it.



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