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gocro - 2013-07-30 8:02 AM


Just checked, nearly all vans over 2 metres high and less than 3.5 tonnes are class two, the same as car and caravan.


Autoroute Vehicle classification information is given here




The vast majority of French-registered motorhomes will fall into Category 2 that is defined as follows:


- Vehicle with overall height from 2 to 3 metres and GVW not exceeding 3.5 tonnes

- Train with overall height from 2 to 3 metres and GVW of towing vehicle not exceeding 3.5 tonnes


A greater percentage of UK-registered motorhomes should fall into Category 3


- Vehicle with overall height of 3 metres or more

- Vehicle with GVW of more than 3.5 tonnes


as a GVW of over-3.5t is more common here. However, it's pretty much the norm for UK-registered '2 axle' motorhomes that have a GVW of more than 3.5 tonnes (but are are no more than 3-metres high) to be treated by toll-booth operators as Category 2 tarif-wise. This is not an official concession because you are a Brit - it's just what happens.


So, if you own a motorhome with a GVW of more than 3.5 tonnes and a French toll-booth operator demands that you pay the Category 3 tarif, he/she is in the right and you've no valid grounds to argue (though that's no reason not to do so, of course, if you are happy to cause a traffic-jam!)

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Derek is correct in saying that if a toll booth has an attendant, there is a good chance that a twin axle van over 3.0m high will be charged at a cat 2 rate. Unfortunately it is a dead cert that if its an unattended booth you'll be charged at cat 3 - which can add very considerably to the cost. It has nothing to do with styling choice that low profiles are so popular in France!


Now, increasingly unattended booths are becoming the norm so you'd be well advised to assume you'll be paying cat 3 rates when doing your costings.


Those that have read my pearls of wisdom on this topic before will be disappointed if I don't have a pop at French logic when given this opportunity, so here goes. With a socialist president and high unemployment how come he's getting rid of a significant number of jobs? And more interestingly, given the need to reduce carbon emissions, is he pricing 3+m motorhomes off the toll roads onto French by ways?



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Whilst watching French TV news Friday evening the cost of motorways was raised as this W/E is "Rouge" as so many people are going or returning from holiday!


Great cost saving is on the paid section of motorway to leave and rejoin the same section, the example given was a saving of 4.2 Euros for the trip to Brittany from Paris!


This would add typically about 15 minutes to the journey but as there would be so much traffic this weekend this would be minimal lost time.


There was a web site with the details but I did not note it.

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johnnerontheroad - 2013-07-30 12:01 PM


Thanks for the link just help us make up our minds to keep going Portsmouth to Santander. will pay the extra and relax on-board.




We regularly do Calais/Dunkerque to Valencia in three days, with no need to use toll roads.



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