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Road to Turkey


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Route depends if you are going overland or via ferry Italy to Greece.


Can't help with overland but a good cost effective route via ferry would be...


For Calias, Dunkerque, go via Lille, Namur, Luxembourg, Metz, Strasbourg, (or Metz, Nancy, Mulhouse, Basel if you're averse to paying French tolls), Basel, San Gottard, Como, Milan, then turn left for Venice and Ferry or straight on to Ancona Ferry to Igoumenitsa, then take the Via Egnatia A2 (toll) motorway across Northern Greece to the Turkish border at Ipsala.


If travelling from Hook Of Holland, go via Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels then pick up A4 to Namur etc.


If travelling from Zeebrugge, go via A10 Brugge, Brussels, Namur, then pick up A4 etc.


A few other thoughts...


Either a vignette (3500kg) or 10 day pass (over 3500kg) req'd for Switzerland and the route through Italy is subject to tolls but not as bad the French ones.


Fuel In Italy is expensive.


There are tolls on A2 motorway across Northern Greece.


Watch out for any fuel surcharges on the Italy Greece ferries.


Turkish visas are now available online at


Not sure whether you can still purchase Visas in cash sterling (£10 pp) at the border anymore.


Also be prepared to have any breakdown cover on a pay up front, claim on return basis as few if any UK breakdown policies have reciprocal arrangements in Turkey except possibly ADAC.


Documentation - V5, Cert of Insurance, As mentioned Green Card for Asian as well as European Turkey, Passports need to expire no earlier than 6 months after you intend to leave Turkey.

International Driving Permit req'd if you don't have a photo Licence. Recommended but not compulsory for photo licences.


Theres bound to be other things to add but can't think of them at the moment.


Have a great trip.



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