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We've just bought a 2nd hand van ( registered 2006) and the saloon light doesn't work. The dealer has advised that it isn't connected on this model , although there is a switch for it on the control panel .

This seems odd to me and I wondered if anybody had some advice on this?

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


Either your dealership is correct or he/she is not. I agree that it would be bizarre to fit a light and a switch to operate it and then choose not to add the necessary wiring, so I'd favour the latter - but you never know!


Although it would not provide 100% certainty, a check that there is cabling at the switch and the light should go some way to deciding the accuracy of the dealer's statement. No cabling at switch and/or light means they aren't connected: cabling means they probably are connected and (logically) the light should function when the switch is operated.


As the light plainly doesn't work, if you find cabling present, check whether there's any sign of electrical power at the light or at the switch and check that the bulb in the light is OK.


Is the light 12V or 230V? If 12V, one might expect that it would not have a dedicated fuse but, just in case it has, check through the fuses to see if any are blown. There's a 2007 E560 video-clip on YouTube and that vehicle does not appear to have a "saloon light". However, this photo of an E560




does show a central light that looks like it might be 230V-powered (and, presumably, would then only function when the motorhome was connected to a 230V power-supply).


You might get lucky and there's an O&ALive forum member who has intimate knowledge of 2006-vintage E560s and can provide a definitive answer. Otherwise you could try the SwiftTalk forum





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Thanks for this. We've checked further with the dealer and there is a light which was disconnected by the previous owner. Initial advice was a bit duff. It works but only off the master light switch, which means you cannot have the spotlights on and not the main light. The button on the control panel which should operate the saloon light appears to be faulty.
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