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It's more likely that the original intention was to put a line-break after the first full stop, as that would conform to normal practice of having a 'full link' on a new line.


That the fault's been there for 5 years may indicate that nobody bothers to read postings authored by an OAL Moderator, or that forum members work around the non-functional link by cutting and pasting, or that - if one is an OAL habitué - no need to get in touch with MMM's Interchange team is felt.


(If you want the posting corrected, you might be better to contact the OAL Moderator direct.)

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Techno100 - 2013-08-25 6:01 PM


It looks like there is no moderation at all;? the page one is filling up with duplicate topic starters 8-)


Thats life on these forums - the multiple topics will fall of the bottom of the page and into the past soon enough.

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If you mean that there's a lot of duplication in the original "USEFULL TIPS" thread that initiated the Hints and Tips forum on 8 July 2006 (and, if we are being picky, clearly has a misspelt title) then I cannot argue with you as I've never read through that multi-page thread. Similarly, there's likely to be duplication between what's in the USEFULL TIPS thread and in the (currently) 45 pages of threads making up this forum as a whole.


The concept of the Hints and Tips forum is basically flawed. It was heralded as a Great Idea in 2006 and it might have been if Out&AboutLive forums had been differently structured. As things stand motorhome-related postings tend to be aimed at Hints and Tips ("Seek out advice or pass on recommendations...") or Motorhome Matters ("Log on for friendly chat with hundreds of motorhome enthusiasts like yourself...") pretty much Indiscriminately as far as a posting's purpose or content are concerned.


On-line forums are not Wikipedia equivalents. They are useful for dealing with immediate and transitory issues, but their 'database' value is limited. In the Out&AboutLive website's case there's no point having two motorhome-related forums. The 45 pages of Hint and Tips postings could (assuming this were practicable) be shuffled into the 490 pages of Motorhome Matters and (if wished) the USEFULL TIPS thread could be 'stuck' at the top of Motorhome Matters Page 1 as it is here.


It is possible to have websites with a large number of forums, each dealing with a specific and clearly defined subject, and a motorhome-related example is MotorHomeFacts. However, because people are notoriously poor at following rules, ensuring that postings end up in their 'correct' forums will need continuous oversight (ie. 'moderation') to move wrongly-assigned postings/threads to their most suitable home. Even then, duplication will be inevitable over time.


The forum part of the Out&AboutLive website is loosely based around the various 'leisure' magazines produced by Warners Group Publications. The original 2005 concept has been occasionally tweaked over the years: sometimes the changes have been beneficial (adding a Chatterbox forum was a life-saver), but bolting on the Hints and Tips forum was a mistake and should have been acknowledged as such early on.


I'm doubtful that Warners will be prepared to throw money/effort at the forum section of the Out&AboutLive website as long as it works adequately. There's also no reason to expect Moderation to be applied more strictly in future than it has been during the last 8 years.


If you want forums where Moderation is rigorously applied to 'abuse' or where 'mistakes' (like your original comment about a non-functioning link) are rapidly addressed, I believe you'll need to look elsewhere.

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