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Eurotunnel France to St Hilaire de Reiz


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We go to the East of Rouen following the N15 to Pont de l'Arche at which there is a pleasant riverside Aire.


There can be a lot of traffic but it seems to flow well and we aim to arrive on Saturday late PM or Sunday which are always the best days to travel on non motorways in France.


You can use the toll road to by pass Boulogne to Abbeville and it costs about 12 Euros I think and saves about 20 minutes most times but there do seem to be a lot more speed cameras on the old N1 than there used to be so care is needed.

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PROBLEMS IN ROUEN http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/2816797/ShowPost.aspx


The Pont Mathilde across the Seine in Rouen is closed for the foreseeable future following a tanker fire on the road beneath the bridge. It has been seriously damaged and it is expected that repairs will take several months.


This is the bridge that carries traffic from the A28 to the A13 (i.e. most people traveling through Rouen). There are severe delays locally and diversions in Rouen were not well signposted at the weekend (some 2 weeks after the fire).


Best route we could determine (if traveling south) is to divert well North of Rouen and to take the A29 direction Le Havre and then the A151/150 into Rouen and cross the Seine by the Pont Flaubert, thereby avoiding the centre of Rouen. Then take the Voie Rapide Sud 3 to the A13. While this route is a little bit longer than the direct route across Pont Mathilde and on to the A28 we found that it didn't take any longer than our journeys via the Pont Mathilde prior to the bridge closed

The main route down from Calais into Rouen has diversions at junction 10 A29 this the route we came back on in July. The bridge appears to be still closed see web sites above. Sunday should be a lot quieter as no HGVs on the road


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