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Fiat 2.3 engines and Dual Mass Flywheels


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Hello Campers,


I don't wish to alarm anyone but I always said that as new information comes my way; I will pass it on if it will potentially be of benefit.


What I have learned today is that the previously held understanding that 2.3 engines Ducato's did NOT have dual mass flywheels is actually not quite correct.


If you have, or were considering purchasing a 2.3 with the Comfort-matic gearbox (available since the introduction of Euro 5 engines last year) you are entitled to know that these vehicles DO have DMF's.


I do not have any reason to believe that this is a bad thing because an automated gearbox will always be more gentle on clutches and therefore flywheels than any human could be but I still thought that you had a right to know.


For the record; NO 2.3 engines before Euro 5 had DMF's unless they had 'specific gearbox type 222' (and I still don't know exactly what that is...) AND unless you have a Comfort-matic gearbox your Euro 5 will not have one either.

ALL 3.0 and 2.2 vehicles DO have DMF's.


This, as I said should not be a cause for alarm; let's face it, Ford, Mercedes, Renault and just about every other manufacturer uses these devices but I can't go around stating that 2.3 Fiat's don't have them when in fact some do. Can I?



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