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Noisy rooflight


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My navigator and I have put up with wind noise from our Remi rooflight (which slides forward not tilts) in our Autocruise Stargazer for a few years now. Almost shouting at each other when we reach speeds of over 50mph and having to turn the radio up louder than normal was making life a little unpleasant on the road. I was about to invest in a £800+ upgrade to a fancy Heki when I inspected the Remi a little closer, I discovered no seal is fitted at the leading edge of this rooflight only at the sides. A little internet searching and I found a thick self adhesive weatherstrip at Screwfix plenty for under £10. A simple length of this along the leading edge and my navigator and I have much quieter travelling experience in the cab now, job done! :-D
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Well discovered!

The roof light is also a major source of what the designers call 'air circulation' and what I prefer to call what it is 'draught' or to be precise 'downdraught'!

This can be reduced by stuffing foam down the open sides of the frame accessible from above with the roof open.

You may also have found the gales coming in around the seat belt lower mounting and the ventilation panels on the cab doors!

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My Hobby has two Remis rooflights of the slide-forward type - a medium sized one over the front lounge and a small one over the rear bed.


I've not checked closely what seals are fitted, but there is certainly through-flow ventilation. However, the rooflights do not produce noticeable wind noise at any speed when the motorhome is being driven.


There may be an aerodynamic issue here, where the exact position of the rooflight on the motorhome's roof affects whether or not wind noise is produced. The reason I suggest this is that, during our last holiday I forgot to close the front rooflight and drove some distance with it in the slid-forward position. It was only when we stopped that I noticed the rooflight was open and I'm sure that, if there had been a significant increase in wind noise, I would have become aware of it.

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I've now checked what sealing my Hobby's REMItop II rooflights have.


The front 600mm x 600mm one has (like Richard's) a rubber seal on each of its sides, but no seal on the leading or trailing edge. The rear 400mm x 400mm rooflight has a rubber seal on the leading edge, but no seal on its sides or trailing edge.


REMItop II rooflights can be installed lengthways or crossways





The top of the frame on to which the rooflight closes is slotted on all four sides. If the rooflight were fitted crossways rather than lengthways it would be necessary to install the seals in different positions. So the potential is there to fit an 'original equipment ' Remis seal all round the rooflight's frame if one so chose.


A 4.0 metre length of seal is advertised here:




and I note that obtaining a suitable equivalent rubber seal was discussed here:




The pictures in the Remis leaflet of REMItop Vario II and REMIstar roof-windows seem to show seals fitted all round the frames, but the photos of the REMItop II rooflight seem to show no seals. The REMItop II installation instructions mention fitting seals, but not where they should be fitted on the frames.


I've no idea whether where the seals on my motorhome's REMItop II rooflights are fitted is correct, optimum or just based on guesswork but, as the rooflights don't produce the wind-noise Richard has experienced and don't let in rain water, I'll leave them alone.



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